The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery

Is an amazing way to see St. Augustine Florida. Whether it's you first visit or you've lived here you entire life, there is something new for you to discover in St. Augustine with over 10,000 years of documented history, and The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery is the way to find it! We dive deep to bring you the unique and untold histories and mysteries of the Nations Oldest City. While challenging you with clues, puzzles and

We dive deep to bring you the unique and untold histories and mysteries of the Nations Oldest City. While challenging you with clues, puzzles and We dive deep to bring you the unique and untold histories and mysteries of the Nations Oldest City. 


What is The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery?

verb: The action of having an amazing time hunting clues, solving puzzles, and immersing yourself in the history and mysteries of the Oldest City. The 13 Keys Scavenger is known to evoke excitement, enjoyment, and a sense of accomplishment, as well as gaining an astute knowledge of St. Augustine.

In other words, it's really, really fun and you'll be smarter when you're done.

History Scavenger Hunt

Archives of the Old City - Unlock the history, solve riddles, and complete challenges while exploring St Augustine's historical locations on our fun and factual History Hunts for all ages. Hunts average 2.25 miles.

Haunted Scavenger Hunt

Hauntings in Old St Augustine - Our Haunted Hunts are a spooky way to explore St. Augustine's ghostly side at your own pace. Solve clues and learn about the ghosts of the Oldest City. Our Haunted Hunts are creepy and fun for all ages. Hunts average 1.5 miles.

Nights of Lights 2021 Scavenger Hunt

Very Merry Nights of Lights 2021 - A unique and magical way to explore and enjoy the Oldest City at it's most wonderful time of the year! This special holiday hunt will take you through the historic streets of St. Augustine while you solve puzzles, learn intriguing history, and view over 3 million sparkling holiday lights. The 13 Keys Nights of Lights Scavenger is a jolly good time for all!
Limited Dates Nov-Dec 2021

Lovely St Augustine Scavenger Hunt

Lovely St Augustine - This scavenger hunt is filled with beautiful architecture, secret gardens, & romantic spots to take in the beauty of St. Augustine. The Lovely St. Augustine Scavenger Hunt is geared for all ages and fun for everyone. Singles, couples, and even groups will fall in love with St. Augustine on this scavenger!  
Returning Jan 2022

Customers are talking...

Highly recommend...

"Our family ranged in age from 7 weeks old to 58 and we had a great time! With the current coronavirus scare it was particularly great because the scavenger hunt took place outside, we didn’t have to touch anything except what they gave us (and they informed us that they personally sanitized it). They were informative on the duration and distance. If you’re a drinking family like ours, we highly recommend booking early afternoon and taking your time, breaking up the walking with some sit down time and drinks. Highly recommend this experience."

United States

Interactive and informative...

"The scavenger hunt was not only interactive and informative but challenging enough to require concentration which made it fun. I got a two hour tour of the city and saw lots of sites that helped me determine what I wanted to do with the rest of my time here. What really stood out is the character of the hosts. It began raining during my scheduled hunt time and we had to call it quits less than halfway through. Heather went above and beyond, allowing us to finish the next day which was no only a holiday, but a day they aren't typically open for the scavenger hunt. Lastly, she gave us advice where to find a good brunch spot. She recommended a French/Greek bistro off the beaten path which ended up being FANTASTIC. My girlfriend and I got a hell of a value with this booking!"

United States

This scavenger hunt was perfect...

"Super fun way to see and learn about St. Augustine. It was our first time to visit the bustling city of St. Augustine and we wanted to get to know about the city in a unique way! This scavenger hunt was perfect! It would be for all ages but it does require patience with each other and to just enjoy the experience. The hunt is well thought out and easy to follow but just interesting enough to keep you engaged! We learned lots! The hosts, Steve and Heather, were Amazing! "
United States

We are still talking about it...

"Don't Miss It! A clever and super-fun way to explore and learn about St. Augustine. Heather and Steve are delightful hosts and stay in touch with you during your exploration. We spent closer to 3 hrs. (and happily so!) and didn't feel we were off the mark speed-wise. It's just great fun and we are still talking about it. St. Augustine is the perfect place for this kind of introduction."
United States

We had a blast...

"13 Keys Scavenger Hunt is a super fun way to get to know St Augustine! We had a blast, made new friends and learned a lot!"
United States

Great adventure...

"This was a fun way to see parts of the city that I might have missed otherwise! Great adventure."

United States

Origins of the Scavenger Hunt...

Scavenger Hunts historically came from ancient folk games and surfaced in the United States in the 1930's as a popular party game. d some would say their most memorable family activities were game nights or some other equally engaging family activity they spent an obsessive amount of time playing.

Scavenger Hunt in St. Augustine

What is a typical Scavenger Hunt?

A typical scavenger hunt is built around a theme while searching in a location or looking for a series of locations trying to find the items on the list. One favorite feature of this list was scavenger hunts in camping grounds, grandparents’ homes or across town. Getting through your scavenger hunt list and finding the most items was the highest achievement then and still is today.
A scavenger hunt is a game consisting of a list of specific and unusual items which participants have to find and gather through borrowing or taking pictures of them without purchasing them. The scavenger hunters work in small teams with the winner being the team that finds the most items within the shortest time.

How a Scavenger Hunt works.

It involves a concept and a location or a series of locations. There’s a list of items scavenger hunters will be required to find, ask for, or take pictures or videos of.

Why are Scavenger Hunts great?

They are a great way to build lasting family memories, see new places, and possibly meet new people. Scavenger Hunts are fun for all skill levels and ages.

Scavenger hunts are often suited to any player's ability. They are a great exercise for the mind and body.  The physicality of searching from place to place along with the mental stimulation of trying to understand the hunt and finding the necessary items and or locations. Scavenger hunts can be a great team-building exercise or for the individual hunter, a great way to build self-reliance since you have to work to find items, as well as solve puzzles and challenges to complete the game.

Scavenger hunts are a hands-on learning experience that builds problem solving skills and increases memory retention. Hunters get to test out their sharpness and utilize taught methods in a tangible way.

How To Do A Scavenger Hunt?

The 13 Keys is the one-stop destination for wanderlusts looking for a great adventure! If you want to know how to do a scavenger hunt, there are multiple options for you. Scavenger hunts can be as long or as short as you want them to be, and you can do it with your family or friends. They may entail locating objects or simply following clues towards the next location. You can make a quest that is suitable for children or one that is more challenging for adults. It is entirely up to you to make your decision. Here's how to get going:

● Choose the type of scavenger hunt riddles you want to participate in.
● Get your to-do lists.
● Follow the clues to find the hidden objects.
● The first contestant to solve all of the riddles and obtain the final object wins!

How To Play Scavenger Hunt?

A scavenger hunt can be played in a number of ways. We will provide a list of specified items that the scavenger hunters must collect or accomplish in order to win. Although the regulations may allow individuals to join, participants can also work in teams. The objective is to be the first to finish the list or to acquire the most items on the list. You can divide the players into two teams and hand them the first clue to begin the action. Once the participants have located the first item, they can use the following hint to seek the second. Count the things gathered from both teams as the time restriction expires. The winning team is the one with the most scavenger hunt clues or items! So, now that you know how to play scavenger hunt, what are you waiting for? Come visit The 13 Keys in St Augustine FL and play scavenger hunt with your friends and family!

The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery just raised the bar...

Explore famous sights and hidden gems around St. Augustine with this scavenger hunt across 13 "key" locations. wind around town and take in the breathtaking architecture, famous landmarks, and picturesque locations and make exciting discoveries as you answer questions and solve riddles, several exciting puzzles and challenges.

2-2.5 hours of fun in one unforgettable adventure is what The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery is all about.
Get into teams and explore the heart of St Augustine while finding each of the 13 "key" locations. Show off your teams’ creativity with gameplay selfie pictures as you reach each checkpoint. Test your teamwork skills on the scavenger hunt while our team assists with any questions as well as provides encouragement. There’s a provided clue kit, answer sheet and a compass carefully selected to make your scavenger hunt an absolute success.
Made for every type of adventurer. Pick from either the History version for the history enthusiasts or the Ghostly version if spookiness is your forte. The hunts typically take 2-2.5 hours to complete. Explore the culture, art & history of St, Augustine with The 13 Keys St. Augustine Scavenger Hunt that takes you through an exciting journey of discovery, riddles and on-location hidden items. It is up to your group whether your scavenger hunt is a race to the finish or a leisurely day of discovery.

The hunt is on and The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery just made it exciting!

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The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery

The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery
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